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30 Stories for 30 Years: ORLT Played a Pivotal Role

We are thankful to live in a university town and for the many UGA interns and volunteers we’ve had over the years. While completing his MBA, Jason Hedrick helped ORLT with developing marketing and outreach strategies and his impressive drone imaging skills. Because of Jason, we were able to see aerial imagery of protected properties like never before, such as this property located in Jackson County along the North Oconee River. We are so grateful to Jason for lending his expertise while at UGA and wish him all the best with his drone business! Jason shares his experience with ORLT below.

Jason Hedrick interned with ORLT last year and contributed his talents with drone imaging.

"I volunteered with the Oconee River Land Trust (ORLT) for nearly two years while pursuing my MBA at the University of Georgia. ORLT is a nonprofit organization dedicated to conservation, safeguarding over 42,000 acres of land throughout Georgia. During my time with ORLT, I offered drone photography and videography services to help document their conservation efforts and create digital content for their social media presence."

"My initial experience with ORLT took me to an enchanting property in Oglethorpe featuring an old quarry, a river, and wetlands. I spent an incredible day hiking and capturing aerial footage of the area with my drone. This marked my first foray into using my drone for a non-recreational purpose, and it was a valuable learning experience. I acquired significant knowledge from documenting this property and refining the resulting content. All of the content was captured using my first drone, a DJI Mini 2. Although I was immensely proud of my work at the time, hindsight has revealed ample room for improvement."

"ORLT played a pivotal role in launching my drone small business and enhancing my brand. Following my volunteer stint with ORLT, I relocated to Charlotte, NC, and expanded my drone-related business activities. Today, I offer media services and drone training to individuals and small businesses in the Charlotte area, and my business continues to flourish."

Aerial images taken by Jason Hedrick on ORLT properties.

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