You can support ORLT's current work, or make a gift to ORLT's Endowment Fund, which will ensure that ORLT is as permanent as the land we protect.
Here are ways you can give:

Outright Gifts

This is the simplest gift usually with large tax benefits for the donor and maximum short-term benefit for ORLT.

Bequest Gifts

One of the most common and lasting forms of giving which allows you, in your last will & testament, to designate a specific property, dollar amount, or percentage of your estate to be donated to ORLT.

Gifts of Retirement Plans or IRAs

Distributions of your IRA or retirement plan to your heirs can be subject to income and estate taxes. By designating ORLT as a beneficiary, 100% of the balance can be used by ORLT.

Life Insurance Policies

Transferring ownership of policy you may feel you no longer need to ORLT may allow you to receive a charitable income tax deduction.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Also fundable with a wide variety of assets, this can provide income for you, your spouse, or other beneficiaries. Upon death, a specific amount or percentage of your estate will be designated to your heirs, and the remaining balance can be donated to ORLT to avoid capital gains taxes.

Bargain Sales

This is a combination gift and sale, where the donor sells an asset to ORLT at below-market price, whereupon ORLT sells the asset at market value.

Real Estate

Donating land or property to a non-profit land trust can allow you to save on taxes, provide you with income, and allow you to continue living on your property. ORLT will accept gifts of real estate for conservation lands to be protected and for real estate intended to be sold by the land trust to support our work.

Please call your financial advisor or tax attorney to discuss options that meet your estate planning and philanthropic needs.

If you would like to discuss how to support ORLT, please contact ORLT's executive director, Steffney Thompson: