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Pulling Privet and Making Room for Native Species

We say thumbs down to invasive species! Photo by Sarah Evans.

On February 17th, ORLT members, staff, and volunteers met at the Orange Twin conservation easement in north Athens-Clarke County to remove privet and hike by the clear-flowing Noketchee Creek. Along the way, participants spotted rattlesnake plantain, a beautiful red-shouldered hawk, fern glades, and mature beech trees. The group hand-pulled small privet plants, and with borrowed tools from the Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful, clipped and sawed larger privet, leaving about two feet of growth from the ground. This has been found to be an effective method for removing this pesky invasive without use of herbicide.

Thank you to Sarah Evans, our UGA intern, for capturing the event with the photographs shared here. And, a big thank you to Orange Twin and Clyde Yates for hosting us on this beautiful property!

Photos by Sarah Evans.

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It sounds like the ORLT members, staff, and volunteers had a fantastic and productive day at the Orange Twin conservation easement! Removing privet and exploring the scenic surroundings along Noketchee Creek must have been a rewarding experience. Kudos to everyone involved for their hard work in preserving this beautiful natural area!

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